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Academic Accommodations and Responsibilities

Providing accommodations requested

Faculty/instructors have a legal responsibility to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations. However, there may be elements of the course work that make the requested accommodation difficult to fulfill. In this case, contact the student’s coordinator at Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS) to discuss effective alternatives.

Please note: The laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities also protect the program/course requirements at ISU. Having a disability and/or medical/mental health condition does not preclude a student from meeting the essential course elements or from following the established policies and procedures.

Do accommodations apply retroactively?

Accommodations are designed to be implemented at the point of receiving the Faculty Notification Letter moving forward. You are welcome to consult with SAAS when considering retroactive requests.

Should you provide a student with accommodations who has not been approved by SAAS?

To ensure that ISU is providing equal access under the law, students should be referred to SAAS prior to accommodations being provided. Accommodations should not be provided on an informal basis. SAAS will walk the student through the established procedures for requesting disability accommodations.

Faculty Notification Letter

A student needs to supply a SAAS Faculty Notification Letter. Faculty Notification Letters will include the accommodations the student has been approved for, the name of the student, and the expiration date of their services (only if approved for accommodations for a specific time frame rather than permanently).

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