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Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship Process

At the start of each fall semester, a call for scholarships goes out to those who are registered with SAAS and encourages students to apply. Students who are eligible to apply for scholarships through SAAS must submit their application by the deadline each fall semester. After submitting, the scholarship committee, made up of various campus and community stakeholders with an interest in and advocacy for students with disabilities, meets to discuss the applications and choose the scholarship winners. After winners are chosen, applicants are notified if they were awarded a SAAS Scholarship. If chosen, scholarships are awarded to students at the annual SAAS Scholarship Night.

  • Will to Succeed Scholarship

    All applicants for the Will To Succeed Scholarship must:

    • Be currently eligible for services through Student Access and Accommodation Services
    • Be an undergraduate student enrolled in good standing at Illinois State University
    • Possess a minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale
    • Be willing to serve as a spokesperson for Student Access and Accommodation Services


Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our scholarship winners!

Winners of the 2023 Will to Succeed Scholarship

Dr. Judy Smithson Scholarship

Will to Succeed Scholarship

  • Christian Castillo

  • Franny Cipriano

    Special Education
  • Kye Johnson

  • Samara Ribbens

  • Brock Spaulding


Advocacy Award Recipients

The Illinois State community strives for inclusion and creating a welcoming environment for all students. To honor these individuals, Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS) acknowledges and celebrates those who have made a difference in the lives of students.

Award recipients are presented with a plaque at our annual award ceremony. The award categories are as follows:

  • Outstanding Volunteer (Notetaker)
  • Outstanding Faculty (Instructor or Professor)
  • Outstanding Staff

Nominate an Advocate

Advocacy award winners with their awards.

  • Dr. Tom Buller

  • Alison Burrell

    Undergraduate Student
  • Traci Freitag

    Teaching and Learning
  • Kierra Peterson

    Graduate Student
  • Cindy Pulley