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Accessibility Abroad

Students with disabilities and/or medical/mental health conditions can and do study abroad! The Office of International Engagement encourages all Illinois State students to explore  Study Abroad  and is available to help you determine if a specific program you are interested in meets your academic and social needs, while accommodating your disability and/or medical/mental health condition.

The  Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)  only applies to institutions in the United States. When traveling abroad, you may experience differences and/or daily physical and academic limitations that you may not generally experience within the United States. In many cases there may not be elevators, designated crosswalks, wheelchair access, or resource centers on your host university campus.

It is important to define your study abroad goals, consider how you will manage differences abroad, and seek as much information as possible before you depart for your study abroad program. The key to a successful experience is advanced planning!

Students should contact SAAS and their  study abroad advisor as they begin researching the program(s) and site(s). We can assist you in supporting your housing and academic needs while studying abroad. We look forward to helping you find the program that best fits your academic and social goals.