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Alternate Format & Assistive Technology Accommodations

Electronic Text, Braille, Enlarged Text

When an alternate format accommodation is approved, the student will work with the Assistant Coordinator of Exams/Text Conversion to request their course readings, upload receipts, and be given access to download materials.  Students will also be trained on various text-to-speech readers to meet their alternate format needs.  We encourage students to begin requesting up to two weeks prior to the start of the semester to ensure they have their materials for the start of class.

Closed Caption Videos

When approved, the student will be able to select closed captioning as they generate their Faculty Notification Letters.  Faculty members will be contacted by SAAS staff regarding any video or audio materials they may be using and will collaborate to secure closed captioning or transcripts in that course.  Students who add or change classes within two weeks of the beginning of a semester may be provided an alternative means of access to videos until closed captioning can be complete.

Assistive Technology

There are many types of mobile applications as well as assistive technologies and accessibility features on SAAS and campus computers that are available to accommodate students.  Students can discuss with their coordinator which technology may be best for their needs.