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Religious Accommodations

Illinois State University has an enduring commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence, including religious diversity. The University honors and respects students’ rights to observe sincerely held religious beliefs or practices and provides an educational environment in which all students are free from harassment and discrimination based on religion consistent with the requirements of federal, state, and local law. As part of this commitment, the University provides reasonable accommodations for students’ sincerely held religious beliefs or practices unless the University determines that such an accommodation would fundamentally alter the curriculum or academic program.

Students seeking religious accommodations must follow the steps below to request approximately 10 days prior to the desired accommodation.

Steps to Request Religious Accommodations

  1. A student must complete the Request for Religious Accommodation.

  2. A coordinator will contact the student for an interactive conversation to discuss their request. The coordinator will also work with academic departments as needed.

  3. Upon determination and if the student is eligible for the requested accommodation, the student will be sent a letter outlining the decision and next steps, if applicable.