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Academic Accommodations

The following are examples of accommodations provided by Student Access and Accommodation Services. Not all accommodations listed are reasonable for all students. Students are only eligible for accommodations based upon documentation provided and specific disability and/or medical/mental health condition need.

Steps to Request Academic Accommodations

  1. A student must self-identify to SAAS. The decision to contact SAAS or use accommodations is made solely by the student. The student will start by filling out a Request for Academic Accommodations.

  2. A Coordinator will contact the student for an interactive process to discuss their request.

  3. The student will be asked to provide documentation of their disability and/or medical/mental health condition. Services cannot be provided without documentation.

  4. The Documentation Review Committee will review the documentation and the student's application to determine eligibility for accommodations. When the committee has determined eligibilty for accommodations, the student will be contacted to schedule an Access Training appointment.

  5. At the Access Training appointment, the student and coordinator will discuss approved accommodations specific to the student's individual needs and review their rights and responsibilties. The student will be introduced to the procedures for requesting accommodations as well as how to prepare faculty notification letters.